Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Intro: Eleanor

Name: Eleanor, a.k.a. EclecticElegance

Location: Colorado Springs, CO.

Hiya! :)

Right now I'm a senior in college, concurrently majoring both in English and Chemistry with an emphasis in pre-dentistry, but I also love to write.

When I joined CleanPlace almost three years ago as a freshman in college, I had not written any fiction in five years and almost no poetry for a year. Once I started sharing my writing on there and receiving feedback from the other members and the mentors, I rediscovered my muse. Now I've written more in those two years than all my other years of writing in middle school and high school combined, and my poetry and prose are both much more vivid than they ever used to be. There are things I continue to learn to balance in my writing as I discover my voice, but CleanPlace reawakened my longing to capture life in the lyricisms found in the written word. Since I've been on CleanPlace, I've been published in my college's literary arts journal twice and have read my poetry at an open mic and a poetry slam at school, and now I am focusing on submitting work to contests and online magazines.

Though I'm typically a cautious person, I do have an adventurous streak that longs to set out on epic quests. :) I'll attempt any sort of challenge you'd like to throw at me, provided it falls within the rules laid out here. Like sing songs in a crowded hallway between classes with a friend. Anything that makes others smile. So dare me!

I'm usually roaming about eastern Colorado--going to school, hanging out with my family, tutoring Chemistry, or hiking with one of our three doggies. I also love playing my antique violin from the late 1800s, even though I can't do the vibrato just yet. I've also been known to wear random costumes on campus--a rose-colored Victorian outfit, complete with a white parasol, to my 19th Century British Literature class, or my red cloak, speckled with Scarlet Pimpernel flowers, to Biology one Wednesday last spring.

I await your dares with much anticipation! :)

(Bio page updated 5/13/2012)


  1. I'd like to dare you to change your kyap (or however you spell that TKD word) to "Odd's fish!" for a whole day at the Apex.

    1. You're on! :D I'm so excited to do this. One question, though, what price are you putting on your dare?

    2. Melissa's dare is confirmed to be $15. :)

  2. Just to record this here, via Facebook, my friend and co-worker Sarah G. sent me this dare: "I know this is supposed to go on the website but....I dare you to learn one ITF form!" I don't know the price of her dare yet, but I look forward to doing it. :D

    1. Sarah replied, "How about Do-San [for which ITF taekwondo form]. I will pledge $10. I want a video :-)"

  3. Another dare to record! A friend sent this via email:

    "Hi Eleanor,

    I'm going to dare you to write a thank you card/note/letter to President Obama & thank him for the incredible amount of work & sacrifice he has put into his presidency for our nation. I know both you & I certainly don't agree with everything he has done, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be thankful for his service. Being President is a HARD JOB!!!!!!! And, in your letter, I'm daring you to tactfully & respectfully, yet boldly & clearly encourage challenge him with the Good News of the gospel. That should be fun/different/exciting ;). And guess what -- I'm planning on doing this too. :) And I'll put that dare at $20.

    Have fun!

    Because He is Good!
    - Kathleen
    Philippians 1:21"

  4. Fantastic dares :) Let's get these done :)