Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dare Us to Move: Take Two!

Hey all--it's been a while.  Most of a year, I know.  But life got a bit crazy for a bunch of us last fall.  Several dare takers entered their senior year of college, some of us found full-time work after a few years of freedom.  Whatever the reason, we've been slow to talk up the dares this year. 

Forgive us.

We still really want your dares!  Last year, we were able to provide several young writers with scholarships to the annual retreat.  We hope to do the same this year!  So please, pull out the wackiest dare you can, toss it out our feet.  We will accept! 

Just note a few of our dare-takers are now on hiatus (due to that senior year thing and a tiny little event call graduation!).  Check back because you never know when they might come back. 

In the meantime, please dare away!

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