Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dare: Face Your Fears (Part Four)

A picky eater in Scotland dared to eat what he's never dared to eat before, that's me. So of course the natural choice is Scotland's iconic dish: haggis. That's it above on the top left of the plate, the nasty ground up excuse for meat. I say that, but it wasn't all that bad once I got past the bit that it's made from sheep innards. It was actually quite a bit spicier than I had imagined, which ended up being my mine complaint. I won't say I liked it, but I did manage to down it as the next picture proves.

Next I had to meet someone I had never dared to meet. Although I am rather introverted, there hasn't really been anyone I've seen so far whom I haven't dared to meet. Well, except this one time. There's this hill right by campus, Dumyat Hill, and I was having trouble finding a path going up it because I simply didn't know the way. So I ended up walking straight up the steep side through the sheep pasture. And quite a few of them had horns, and they eyed me warily as I climbed. Fortunately they didn't give me too much trouble, except once or twice they looked like they might come at me. A week or two later, I decided to fulfill the dare by going back and daring to meet the sheep! Unfortunately, as I found out, the only reason they had eyed me was because they were getting ready to run. So I took the part of the American tourist running around with his camera trying to get a picture with the sheep. I couldn't find any friendly ones, except this young lamb who hadn't yet learned to run from me, so I got a picture! But just as I was about to try and add myself in, his parents bolted and so he followed them. Nevertheless, the picture below has no zoom, and you can see the lamb just getting up to run off. But our brief meeting was rather pleasant.

Of course there's something poetic about meeting and eating the same animal, so I came up with the following haiku to tie it all together.

American Tourist

I met with the sheep,
took a picture of the sheep,
and then I ate him.


  1. Well, the mashed potatoes looked good anyway. ;o)

    The visual I got in my head of you hopping around a field, chasing sheep, made me giggle. XD

    Love the haiku!

  2. your poem make me crack up! Well done.

  3. Your fulfillment of this "triple dare" made me laugh so hard, Jordan...entertaining true-story, great photos from Scotland and...imaginative, straightforward haiku! Well done:)