Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dare: Into the Fire

The Dare:
I dare you to sing "Into the Fire" with one other person (if you can find one) loudly on a fairly public street corner in Tokyo.

I couldn't find anyone else, so it was up to me and me alone to complete this dare.

It is hard not to stand out as a blond-headed, 5'9 American here in Japan. I've tried to avoid acting or appearing too foreign--but then along comes a dare that involves singing on a street corner.

Well that is a good way to stand out.

Most people here would never think of singing in a public place, so I guess it was up to an outsider to make a little noise for a good cause.

I chose one of my favorite corners (by one of my favorite convenience stores), cleared my throat and started to sing. At first it was difficult to sing anyway but softly, but as I kept singing my voice kept getting louder. Instead of embarrassment, I started to feel enjoyment.

"Climbing higher and higher and into the fire we go..."

It was a little amusing to get stares from school children, or the smiles of toddlers as they passed with their mothers. All in all it proved to be a fun experience, despite having to stand out even more than I already do.

- Telpe


  1. *squeals happily* :D You have no idea how seeing this just made my whole morning!!! I'm so thrilled! :) *hugs* Way to go!

  2. Great work, Mercy! I know this was very stretching for you; I'm so proud of you for doing it!

    And thanks, EE, for the donation. Wahoo!

  3. Well done! Life is, after all, a musical.