Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dare: Haggis and Haggis and Haggis, Oh My!

Unfortunately, some of my friends know me a bit too well, specifically that I'm a picky eater who does not easily try new foods. So Mrs. Burklin dared me to not only try haggis, but to eat at least ten bites. I first tried it in Glasgow as part of another dare, but I was not impressed. It was like a mushy, spicy meatloaf made of sheep innards. Fortunately, Scotland has no end of ways to prepare haggis, and just like the South back in America, Scotland loves deep frying.

So I had haggis fish 'n' chips style! And yes, french fries are called "chips" over here. As it turns out, the haggis was not only edible but enjoyable, and if I ever go back and don't feel like trying out some other Scottish dish, I know I'll be going back for more haggis. And just in case you have any doubts, here's my "clean" plate!

And as you might observe, yes, I had ketchup with the haggis. To complete the dare, here is a little limerick:


I went to a café for haggis,
and thought there was something amiss.
But the meat was superb
so the truth could disturb
naught of my sheep innards' bliss.


  1. Anything fried tastes passable. :oops: It's good to hear that it was not only passable, but actually tasty enough to eat again. Good on ya!

  2. wow, I'm so impressed. This is one food that I have no intentions of ever trying. I've drank gritty milk, eaten guinea pig, alpaca, goat, and a few foods of questionable origins, but haggis is pretty much on my "only if I'm seriously starving and on death's door" list :P Way to go!

  3. Jordan, I am SO PROUD of you! Is there a poem in the works to memorialize this momentous occasion? I will get a check in the mail to Mangy on Monday.

  4. I finished the poem and added it to the end! Thanks so much for the dare, Mrs. Burklin!