Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dare: Give a Gift

Dare: “I dare you to give a gift to a randomly selected stranger with a child (for the child). ($10 pledge)”

I must say that this dare was a blast of fun--especially picking out the gift. What I chose was one of those fuzzy black posters that you colored with markers and on it was a scene from the movie Cars. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are of coloring posters like that on road trips in the car.

I bought the gift a few weeks ago after getting out from a conference. I didn't know what I wanted to buy at first that would be a good choice but when I saw the posters I knew instantly. Since then school has kept me extremely busy and by the time I got out it was late in the day and hard to go somewhere where I would feel comfortable asking a parent and any kids I had been seeing were never a boy in the right age range. Yesterday I finally had the time so me and my best friend drove to the local Barnes & Noble (yes, a lot of cool people go there--and she wanted to grab a book anyways). We got there and I headed straight for the children's section and the first people I encountered was a mom and her son. I asked her if he liked Cars and when she told me that he loved them, I went on to explain about Dare Us To Move, my dare, DuTM's vision, and ask if I could. Turns out, she had just taken him to see Cars 2! Talk about perfect timing, right?

Here's to a happy boy!


  1. fantastic! I'm glad he's going to enjoy it :)

  2. What a perfect gift for a perfect moment! This is what we call a divinely scheduled appointment. :o) Congrats on completing the challenge, Mir!