Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Intro: Jordan

Name: Jordan Nikkel (a.k.a. Rivus)
Location: Stirling, Scotland

For the first time in years, I will not be sweating the hot Tennessee summer, because I am going to be studying abroad at the University of Stirling in Scotland, where I hear the average high in July is 67 degrees Fahrenheit! I have been a member of Cleanplace for five years now, and have gone to 3 of the 4 moots. Each one has always been one of the best weeks of every year—a time of comradery among old and new friends, fellowship among young Christians, and of course writing workshops. As such, I have joined Dare Us to Move because I want to help provide the financial opportunity for members of Cleanplace to experience that same joy and total immersion in God's love and wonder.

In that light, may I point out that I have a lovely black cloak (made by many of the members of Cleanplace in Texas) which I will be bringing with me tomorrow to Scotland. Feel free to include that in any photo challenges of your choice, and I'm sure the scenery will be lovely too. You should also probably know that even though I do enjoy writing, especially poetry and fantasy, writing is more of an outlet than a livelihood for me. Math and computer science are my majors at Vanderbilt University, where I am currently attending and will be entering as a Junior in the fall. I am also the coming year's director of Victory A Cappella, the Christian A Cappella group on campus. Music, like writing, is a very dear outlet for me, and I especially love music composition, theory, piano, and singing harmonies. So feel free to include music—perhaps even composing a little something in my notebook—in the challenges in any way, shape, or form.

So think up some challenges, and dare me to live a little while in Scotland this summer. The cause is noble, the rewards high, and I can't wait to see how God works through everything and everyone this summer.


  1. I dare you to go to a Scottish pub and order a glass of milk. ($10+ the cost of your milk if they actually serve you one!)

  2. I will contribute $25 if you will eat 10 bites of haggis and provide photographic evidence. And I'll add another $10 if you write a brief poem describing the experience.

  3. I will definitely be doing both of those as the opportunities arise! Though I'll be asking for chocolate milk, seeing as how I don't like milk by itself. And I will eat haggis and write poetry as soon as the situation presents itself! I don't know how soon, because I only just arrived, so it may take some time, but I intend to follow through on these!