Saturday, June 4, 2011

Intro: Sarah

Name: Sarah
Location: Colorado Springs, CO


I've been a mentor on CleanPlace since September '07, and it's changed my life. I love all the teen writers, and the summer conference every year is really our time to connect face-to-face and dig deeper into writing.

I've lived in Colorado Springs my entire life, and I also happen to be a third generation native, which is pretty crazy. I know the city and the surrounding areas well, since my favorite thing to do besides writing and reading is taking rides all over Colorado Springs and into the mountains. I'm very familiar with my surroundings, but I'm always discovering new things and going to places I've driven by for years but never experienced.

I'd like to say I'm up for anything, but that's not totally true. I do consider myself semi-adventurous, and I'm ready to be challenged!

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  1. I dare you to get a group of ladies named Michelle to pose heroically in front of the now-defunct Michelle's ice cream parlor downtown. ($10 pledge)