Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Intro: Leah

Name: Leah, also known as Frost

Location: Near Estes Park CO, though not really there.
I don't travel a whole lot and make the most of exploring the places where I am at. I will be braving a trip to Seattle later this summer however.

Hello all!

I've been in Cleanplace for about 2 and a 1/2 years now. It pretty much rocks. Not only am I inspired to write, but recently a few magazines expressed interest in my writing. Never would I have been able to get anyone interested in reading what I wrote, beyond family and friends, without Cleanplace.

I decided to aid David's project because I am one of the people who can't go to Moot and want to help people who can't financially make it to go and enjoy themselves and help their writing improve. I also love a good dare. Most of my friends would tell you I'm fairly adventurous. Mom would say I'm reckless. I would love to take your challenges.

Around my home, I'm exploring every nook and cranny. Beyond that is a hokey cowtown, a urban hippie university area, a mountainous tourist hot spot, and a roadside music-festival, white-water kayaking flypaper. Estes Park in particular attracts people with its large elk herds, majestic mountains and hiking areas if any of those things interest you in challenges. I'm working on homework this summer to remedy lost time over the winter. In my free time, I'm tutoring through "I Have A Dream Foundation," painting, playing my cello, and hiking around with my two huge black dogs.


  1. If this is okay with your parents, I dare you to play your cello somewhere on the university campus for at least 30 minutes. Have a sign near by with "Dare Us To Move" and the web address on it. An extra $5 if SkyEyes has an instrument and will play with you. :) ($10-$15 donation)

  2. Hmm, I don't know if I can get out there since I can't drive. There's actually a really nice mall near the university where musicians play. It's a better place than the school. If I can get a day, I'll definitely try.