Saturday, June 4, 2011

Intro: Sarah C

Name: Sarah C (Miruial)

Location: Tyler, Texas

Hi ladies and gents!

My name is Sarah and I'm a 20 year old full-time college student who's been double majoring in photography and international business for the past three years. I'm also minoring in vocal performance and sing 1st soprano in one of my college's vocal groups.

I joined Cleanplace in January of 2008 after hearing about it for two years prior (I have friends who are some of the first members). Cleanplace has been a wonderful impact to me. Seeing how I--and other--members have grown into amazing young adults with some killer writing skills (hats off to our beloved and patient mentors) has been such a wonderful journey!

I posses a adventuresome spirit. I like any type of challenge, really. My mantra is that you can't have a true opinion of something till you try it. I'll eat what you want me to and do what you'd want me to . . . minus bungee jumping off of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil--I'm saving that for when I'm terminally ill!

I live in Tyler, Texas in a lakehouse. I love water!

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