Monday, June 6, 2011

Intro: Joy

Joy Clark

Location: Rural South-East Texas

Greetings from a particularly warm state.

I have been a member of CleanPlace for two and a half years now, and from the onset it has been an adventure worth taking. I'm a college student studying music and word-crafts, and traveling whichever roads give me an inviting nod or smile. I am within easy driving range of Lousiana--so if you want a dare in a parish setting, I'm open!

I live and move among young, growing stories. It would be a lie to say I'm not excited about doing out-of-the-ordinary dares for the sheer story-potential-factor. But, having been to the CleanPlace conference, I know that this project could potentially grow so many stories besides mine! And imagining all the sapling stories out there, waiting to be grown--that gives me three times the reason to back this project.

I am open to all dares, and looking forward to three specific kinds: whimsical, inspiring, and exigent. Whimsical, because there can never be enough playing Mario Themes on grand pianos or serving of unbirthday cupcakes with 100 candles. Inspiring, because the whole point of this is bringing joy to others. And exigent because, quite frankly, I always need shoves out of my little wagon-trail ruts. Send me to volunteer at a museum, learn how to dance, or to talk to people I may pass every day without noticing.

The choosing is yours. I dare you to make it exuberant. And thanks for joining me in a journey.


  1. For $25 I want you to spend an afternoon promoting The Patricia Huffman Smith Museum through through whatever creative means you can think of

  2. for $10 I want you to give 1/4 of your wardrobe to the local hospice